Known Issues

RideConnect is a changing product and we hope to make it the best ridesharing platform in the market. However it's not possible to do that overnight.

This article lists out all the current issues that we know of in the current release.

Bug.png Documented Issues in 1.6 (Apollo)
Issue Status
R0001 Some users on Android 7.1.1 may have issues during registration
R0002 Some TWC Wi-Fi users may experience issues when using the app
R0003 Second tier contacts (friends of friends) may not see posts in some situations

Issue Not In This List?

Sometimes you may come across an issue that we haven't documented or are as yet unaware of.

It's because of folks like you that we are able to build a better product.

If you've discovered a new issue, please contact us below and tell us about it. When you contact us about it, be sure to:

  • Include the version information from the table below
  • Tell us what you were doing when you encountered the issue in one or two sentences
  • Capture screenshots if possible to show us the issue
  • Provide any other useful information such as the the destination

Include all this information in the email that you send to us.

App Family Apollo
Release 1.6 (Apollo)

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