Step by Step guide to using RideConnect

Welcome to a new way of ridesharing

This guide will take you step by step through downloading, setting up and using RideConnect with your rideshare community

Checked.png Is RideConnect the app you need?
Money.png RideConnect is an app for anyone who wants to drive customers and make money. You can also use RideConnect to drive people around as a service, like for a charity, a hospital, company or just your personal reasons
Security.png RideConnect is also an app for anyone who values their safety and privacy
People.png Lastly, RideConnect is not a ride services company like Uber or Lyft. You can setup your own rideshare company using RideConnect. There's just you and your customers, no middleman
Checked.png Download RideConnect
Search.png Search for RIDECONNECT on the Apple app store or on Google Play
Link.png Click here if you're viewing this on your phone
Checked.png Install RideConnect
Id-card.png Create a memorable username. This is the nickname by which users will see you
Man-taking-a-selfie.png Select a photo of yourself
Password.png Secure your profile with a security code
Checked.png Enable ridesharing
Switchon.png If you plan on giving people rides, then you need to enable ridesharing
Photo-camera.png We recommend you take a photo of your vehicle
Caronfire.png We also recommend that you obtain the correct insurance for ridesharing from your insurance company
Promotion.png Tell your friends that you're using RideConnect to rideshare
Checked.png Create a rideshare channel
Link.png Create your own ride channel within the app and then invite people to join by sharing the code
Checked.png Start ridesharing using RideConnect
Timeline.png If you're a driver, then be sure to announce your availability on the RideBoard. If you're a rider, then post your ride schedule on the RideBoard so that drivers may see it
Settings.png Adjust your range setting so that you are able to receive ride requests from riders
Pricing.png Set your price in the message section of the scheduled ride so that the rider or driver knows what works for you

App Family Apollo
Release 1.6 (Apollo)
Download.png Download RideConnect and see how it can benefit you
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