Can I promote drivers to people who want a ride in there community?

Question.png You wish to promote drivers to a bigger customer audience that you have developed
Aha.png With the RideConnect app, a driver can create a rideshare Channel. The Channel is identified with a code. This code can be distributed within the app and outside of the app.

Within The App

When a driver wishes to share their Channel code, they can create a post on the RideBoard. On the message portion of the post, they can enter the code and a message, and post it.

Any of their people in their private community can repost it to distribute it to a bigger group of people.

Outside the App

When a driver creates their Channel, they can share the invitation to join the channel via Twitter, Facebook, Email, Text message, iMessage or any other method that is available on their phone.

  • The Channel invitation is a dynamic link. RideConnect recipients will be joined to the Channel automatically when they select the link
  • Channels are searchable
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