A post is an interactive entry on the RideBoard. It contains:
RideBoard details.jpg
  • The poster's picture
  • The poster's handle
  • If the poster is a direct social contact, then the name
  • The destination
  • Post options

  • Both drivers and riders can create posts.
  • To be a driver your driver profile must be enabled.
  • On a rider's post, a driver can offer a ride.
  • On a driver's post, a rider can request a ride
  • These requests expire in 5 minutes.

Creating a Post

Schedule a ride steps.PNG
  1. In order to create a post, touch the "Schedule A Ride" button on RideBoard.
  2. In the next screen, specify the destination, as well as the date and time
    1. When you change the date and time the screen title will change from "Request a Ride" to "Schedule A Ride"
  3. Select the visibility of your post
  4. Select "Schedule Ride"
  5. On submitting it, this post will now be on the RideBoard. Only the people who you selected will be able to see and interact with this post.

Interacting with a Post

Each post has a menu. The options available to the original poster are different from those available to viewers.

Original Poster

As the original poster, you can delete your post. When you do so, the post is removed from the RideBoards of everyone in your community.

Other Viewers

Viewers of the RideBoard have the following options available to them in the post menu, which is the button with the three dots at the top right of the post.

Mute poster
This silences the user so that their posts don't appear on your RideBoard. You can still ask them, or offer them, a ride, and they can do the same to you.
Report Offensive Post
If the message in a post offends you, you can report it. A reported post is removed from your RideBoard, and the system makes a note of the user who posted it.
This allows a viewer to repost something they see on their RideBoard so that their community may also see it. For example, if someone is asking for a ride to the mall because of a sale they've heard of, reposting it would inform more people about it.