What is "My Community"?

Question.png You want to add people to your Community
My community with two contacts.PNG

My Community shows members of your private community and Channels.

Private Community

  • These individuals are your Facebook or phone book contacts. People that you know directly.
  • A Phone or Facebook icon will appear by their names
  • Members of your private community will have their profile handle and profile name displayed
    • To add people to your private community swap phone number or Facebook details and have your friend sign up to RideConnect
  • Friends of Friends will have only their profile handle displayed
  • Friends of Friends will have a chain link icon distinguishing them followed by the name of your common contact
    • These members will automatically appear in your My community when they sign up to RideConnect


  • Channels allow you add individuals for commmercial and ridesharing purposes.
  • Channels are not private
  • Members of your Channel will have only their profile handle displayed
  • These members will have a chain link icon distinguishing them followed by the name of their Channel
    • These members will appear in your My Community when you join a Channel or when individuals join your Channel

Each contact shown on My Community can be made a favorite, muted or blocked.

  • Making someone a favorite includes them into a small group of people that you've identified as significant to you.
  • Muting a user means that any posts made by that user will not show on your RideBoard. However you will still be able to share rides with that user.
  • Blocking a user takes two forms. You may either block only that user, or you may block that user and all the social contacts that are unique to that user as well.
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