As a driver, how do I use RideConnect rideshare channels?

Question.png You are not sure how Channels work and would like to know
Aha.png Channel is a feature within the RideConnect app that enables drivers to reach customers beyond their private social network.
  • Create your own Channel (below left) or drivers and riders can search for and join a channel (below right).
Channel view.PNG
Channel search.png

With Channel, owners can promote their service by distributing their Channel code via Facebook, Twitter, or any other mechanism, even a magazine advertisement or in local establishments..

  • The customers who enter the code into their RideConnect app will be able to request rides with the drivers who are available within that channel. The Channel code is three to five characters long and accepts only numbers and alphabets, not special characters.
  • In v1.5 we have introduced a Channel search function. Make sure to use key words and any relevant details in your Channel name to help riders search for you. For example, a Channel names "Women only rideshare in Seattle" will allow you to be discovered by anyone who searches for one of those words.
  • The invite button in the top right of your Channel view is a dynamic link (see image below). Recipients of this link will automatically be added to your Channel when they open this link and have already set up RideConnect on their device.
Channel invite.PNG

  • Under Channel settings Channel owners can enable commercial options to record ride history.
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