What are the privacy features available with RideConnect?

Question.png You aren't sure if your information is safe with RideConnect
Aha.png RideConnect only collects enough information from you to help facilitate rides. Your community is the group to whom your information may be available. The community is divided as follows:

  • Your friends - These are people to whom you are already connected, either via your phone book, or Facebook. These people already have access to your information such as your name

  • Your friends of friends - These are people to whom you are not directly connected. We use the username that you've selected to identify you to this bigger community. The app shows you how you're connected to them and you can decide if you want to take a ride with them

  • Your channel members - These are not friends - they are members of a channel that you've created or joined. Your name isn't revealed to them at all, and only usernames are used to identify one another within the channel
    • Your friends and direct contacts can join the same Channel

You can block people in your community screen, and this will remove them from your rideshare network

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