How can I offer rides?

Question.png You wish to offer rides or make an offer on a request
Aha.png There are a few ways to offer rides:
Hail offer.PNG
  1. As a driver you can post your availability on the RideBoard. Riders will see your post and can select the "Request ride" option. This will send you a ride hail request that you will see in your notifications screen with a button "Offer Ride" (see image on right). Next wait for your rider to start the ride (see rider step below) .
  2. Riders can also post ride hails. Like option 1 above, drivers will receive a notification, see image on right.
  3. Riders can schedule their rides in advance for a later date and or time. The driver will see such posts on RideBoard with an option to make an offer. (see driver and rider steps below)
  4. You can also schedule rides for your riders

Make offer steps.PNG

  • Ride hails (immediate ride requests) expire after 5 minutes if there is not response.
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