I’m trying to be a driver on RideConnect. How do I get rides?

Question.png You want to provide ride services to customers and want to know how to get business
Aha.png Thank you for thinking about using RideConnect to provide commercial rides. In order to do so:

  1. You will have to install the app on your smartphone
  2. Each of your rideshare community members will also have to install the app on their smartphones
  3. We recommend that you create a Channel. Distribute the Channel code to people outside of your private community so that they can contact you for rideshares
    1. In v1.5 Channels are searchable, so make sure to use key words that users will search for in your Channel details
  4. Decide if you're providing free rides shares, or if you are planning on providing commercial ride shares
  5. Ensure that you are allowed to provide commercial ride shares in your area and obtain the correct insurance and licenses
  6. Advertise your rideshare on Twitter, Facebook or even on your local radio station
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How to video for Android and iOS Android_-_Hail_A_Ride

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