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Question.png You wish to know how your social network and indirect contacts are displayed in My Community

Your social network (My Community), within RideConnect, is made up of the contacts in your phone book, as well as your friends on Facebook. Contacts appear in this screen only if both parties have each other's phone number or Facebook or both pieces of information saved on the device.

Your extended social network is made up of the friends of all those people who are directly connected to you.

Within RideConnect, you can only see the names of people in your immediate social network. In other words, you can only see the names of people who are either connected to you directly on Facebook or on your phone book.

My community with two contacts.PNG

The people in your extended social network are only identified by their handle. This is because you are indirectly connected to them. However you can still ask them, or offer them a ride.

If you were to transact a ride with someone in your extended social network, their full name will be revealed for the duration of the ride.

Removing someone from your social network can be done by one of the following ways:

  • Removing them from your phone book and Facebook
  • Blocking them within RideConnect

Adding someone to your community can be done by friending someone on Facebook or by saving them into your phone book and also having them save your number in their phone book.

And obviously RideConnect must be installed and signed up on all devices.

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