Is 99 cents too little for RideConnect?

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99 cents

An app like RideConnect can help families arrange transporting for their loved ones.

It can help friends help one another without having to pay for expensive car service.

It can help companies arrange transportation among its employees instead of hiring limos and taxis.

Commercial drivers can provide car service to their customers and can charge rates that work for both of them.

Students can use it to arrange rides to the store, entertainment or even to commute to school.

These are only some of the things that you can do with RideConnect and you can't do this anywhere else.

So you tell us, will you pay 99 cents for RideConnect?

It's one thing to put a price on an app but it's a little more tricky to know what you're paying for.

RideConnect is priced at 99 cents on the stores. We've been told by many people that it should be free.

Over 400 people, and counting, have been willing to pay for it when we describe what RideConnect can do.

Left-quote.png So we asked ourselves, what does RideConnect offer, what's it worth and to whom?

RideConnect is an app for people who want to get a ride. It's also an app for drivers who are able to give rides.

With RideConnect, riders and drivers can connect directly with one another, totally bypassing the intermediary.

What this means is that RideConnect puts the power of Uber or Lyft into the palm of your hand.

Let's break down what RideConnect does.

Ride Hailing

With RideConnect, any rider can send a ride hail to drivers in their community.

This means that when someone wants to go somewhere, they can simply select their destination, then choose who will receive their ride hail. This could be an individual in their community, or their immediate contacts or even their favorite drivers.

This process is one that people are already familiar with from other taxi and ride hailing apps, except that RideConnect enables ride hailing within the social community of the user.


With RideConnect, drivers and riders can create scheduled rides.

Riders can schedule rides they need while drivers can announce when they're heading to a destination.

These scheduled rides are visible only within the user's private community, ensuring that total strangers won't be aware of the plans.

All riders can ask drivers for a ride by touching on the scheduled ride.

Drivers can offer rides to riders in the same way.


With RideConnect, we introduce a high level of privacy compared to other apps by ensuring that any driver who can answer the hail is in the rider's community.

By leveraging the social network, RideConnect enables users to personally screen and explicitly include drivers into their rideshare communities.

This means that all users can only rideshare with drivers they've decided to include into their community and not with strangers.

Additionally, riders can access trusted drivers within the communities of other users.

What this means is that one user can interview, vet or otherwise screen drivers into their community and then those drivers will be available to other users who are connected to them socially.


Ridesharing is really about sharing. People who are willing to be helpful can use RideConnect to give rides to other people.

Using RideConnect, people can decide if someone's ride schedule is convenient for them and then decide to offer them a ride.

Not only that, people can choose to assist others using RideConnect by offering them a ride, offering to run errands or perhaps even handle household chores such as babysitting or mowing the lawn.

It's Not Car Service

RideConnect doesn't run a car service.

What this means is that drivers using RideConnect don't work for RideConnect.

RideConnect doesn't even run the cars.

Sure, it may seem superficially like other services in the ridesharing space but the main difference is that RideConnect is used by users to provide the transportation service.

All the app does is to enable the users to connect.

As the name implies, RideConnect is about connecting users to get rides with one another.

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