If I drive using the RideConnect app, what is my relationship with RideConnect Inc?

RideConnect is not a car service provider. Just like how you use Yelp! to find restaurants, or Facebook to find friends, RideConnect enables you to offer rides or find rides within your private community or your channels. What this means is that you are a user of the RideConnect app, and by using the RideConnect app, you are, in no way, working for RideConnect, an employee of RideConnect, a contractor to RideConnect, a vendor or any other type of service provider. You are our customer, and are a user of our software.

Riders who find drivers on RideConnect are our customers for the software, and not for the transportation service because RideConnect does not offer nor do we provide the transportation service.

If you have more questions, please email us at our support line.

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