I can't find any available username

Question.png You wish to use a username but you are unable to proceed because you are receiving an error message
Aha.png The username is unique combination of letters and numbers that you use to identify yourself within the system. Even though your personal information may remain hidden from anyone to whom you aren't directly connected, you can use the username to identify yourself to everyone in the RideConnect system.

Username guidelines.png

RideConnect usernames must be:

  • Unique - you can't share the same username with someone else
  • 10 characters long - you can use a combination of letters and numbers, but your username can't be more than 10 characters long
  • Valid - You can't use offensive words as a username

When you are selecting a username, if you get an error, this means that someone has already selected that username.

If you believe the username you're trying to use is unique but you are getting an error, email us at our support line and we can take a look.

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