I'm not receiving the SMS to activate the app. How can I activate my phone?

Question.png You have downloaded and installed the app but the phone registration step is not completing because you are not receiving the SMS
Aha.png There is a known problem where some users are unable to register because they do not receive an SMS with the confirmation code. This is, however, outside our control and is related to the service provider being used.

Here are a few things you can try in case you are unable to receive the SMS with the code:

  1. If you are on WiFi, then disable WiFi and try again
  2. If you've tried a few times and have been unable to receive the code, give the app 10 minutes to reset the SPAM protection and then try again
  3. Turn off your phone for 2 minutes so that it disconnects from the cell tower and the cell tower has time to clear your phone from the records. Then restart your phone and let it finish starting up. Then try again.

If all of this fails, email us at our support line.

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