How to have a stress free New Year's Eve


The year has almost wound down and everyone's talking about the plans for New Year's Eve.

But does anyone think about the buzz kill that is the reality of getting to and from venues of entertainment?

Every year, thousands of young party goers flock to clubs, bars, house parties and other venues for a night of fun and entertainmant but the trip to and from these places is locked in a dance of frustration, coordination and missed connections.

This is because of cars.

Not the cars themselves but rather the large number of cars that end up taking a lot of people to the same, or similar places.

That's why we invented RideConnect. It's a smartphone app that can help you sort out your evening so that you can start the party when you step out rather than having to wait until you arrive at the venue. But that's oversimplifying it.

Why did we invent RideConnect?

We, at RideConnect, are people just like you. We don't like a buzz kill. Going anywhere requires driving, parking and walking. And then if you're going to drink, then you shouldn't drive so now your car has to be left where you parked it, and perhaps it'll get towed.

Of course you could call a car service but have you seen how that works out? Throngs of people trying to figure out which car is for them, often being hit with surge pricing, sometimes not even getting a car.

It really would be better if you could just send a message to people in your social community so that someone who's not partying could give you a ride.

Or, possibly, someone in your community is also going to the same bar, or neighborhood, as you and you could just ride together.

So we made an app that lets you do just that.

Using RideConnect for New Year's Eve

RideConnect is about privacy. In order to get a ride, you'll need a social community and so the first step to using RideConnect is to build that community. There are two ways to do this.

The recommended way is to use your personal community. This is made up of people with whom you're already connected, such as friends, family, colleagues, ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend and so on. It also includes their personal community.

Within your personal community, you can determine who can give you a ride by selectively blocking people, and their community, e.g. your ex.

You can also create a rideshare community. This community is less private than your personal community.

The rideshare community is identified by a code that you select. You can distribute this code to anyone who you'd like to include into the rideshare. This could be taxi drivers, Uber and Lyft drivers or anyone with whom you're not personally connected but who could give you a ride.

Getting Rides

Once you've got your community setup, you can schedule your plans on the RideBoard, or simply send a ride hail to all the drivers in your community when you need one.

Giving Rides

Giving rides with RideConnect doesn't mean you have to go through some extended process. On the contrary, once you've got a community going, all you have to do is to enable ridesharing.

If you're the designated driver, then you can relax on your easy chair in front of the TV until someone sends you a ride hail. Or you could look at the RideBoard to see if anyone is standing around waiting for a ride but is unable to get one. You could then offer them a ride, put on your pants and head on out to help keep the party going.

Alternatively, if you're in a car that you ordered from one of the other companies and you're by yourself, you could offer a ride to someone else who's also going to the same place as you. RideConnect will figure out where to pick them up and you all can have more fun together.

Giving a ride with RideConnect doesn't mean you have to charge anyone money but you could if that's what you want.

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