RideConnect is the go-to smartphone platform with which you can create your own rideshare, hail a ride or develop private rideshare communities. This means that anyone can setup their own car service company, order car service, schedule rides and much much more from one app.

Why We Are Excited

Our vision is to give you the definitive ridesharing experience in RideConnect.

Whether you're a commercial driver, taxi operator or are students going on a road trip, we want you to choose RideConnect to manage and plan your ridesharing experience.

RideConnect is the first dual use app for ridesharing. All users, whether you're looking for a ride, or looking to give rides, can do so from the same app. This means that someone who's a driver during the day can be a rider at night within the same app!

Not only that, anyone can start offering rides to their community. This means that you can use RideConnect as a commercial driver, and you can also use RideConnect to give rides to your family, friends, classmates, colleagues or even just to make some money on the side.

At RideConnect, we believe in your privacy and we do our best to collect as little information from you as possible. To further enhance your experience, RideConnect gives you control of who you rideshare with.

Instead of exposing you to the entire ridesharing community, RideConnect enables you to choose who can give you a ride. As a driver, you can choose who can ask you for a ride. Not only that, by using a handle, which is like a username, you can further mask your identity from people until you feel comfortable enough.

We offer the following features in our app.

RideConnect 1.6 (Apollo) Feature Highlights

24-hours.png Schedule rides and plan travel
Request a ride with drivers in the community and channel by scheduling them ahead of time, or sending a ride hail
004-phone-book.png Source phone book contacts into the rideshare community
For maximum privacy, drivers and riders can control their relationship by using their phone book to automatically generate their rideshare network. Riders and drivers can easily remove someone from a their community by simply deleting the phone number associated with the person
Qr.png Use channels to extend the rideshare to people outside the private community
Reach more customers by creating an opt-in channel. With a channel code, anyone can join and request rides with drivers from their service provider. Riders and other users can promote a channel by freely sharing the code with their community
Checked.png Manage the community and block anyone who shouldn't be ridesharing within it
Keep the quality of the rideshare community high by blocking users, thereby keeping them from sharing rides within the community
Calendar.png Snooze scheduled rides
When riders have scheduled rides with a driver, the driver can snooze them so that they will be reminded about the ride in time. This way the driver can prioritize rides and be more effective
Handshake.png Negotiate and confirm rides with the in app communicator
The road to a better ride sharing experience is when the rider and driver can speak to one another using the in-built communicator to discuss the ride, rates, timing, destination and other details before agreeing to the ride
Pricing.png Indicate the cash fare for the ride
Drivers can charge an appropriate fare for the rides they give and get paid by the rider in cash. Riders can review ride offers from multiple drivers, compare the cash fare being charged directly to them and choose the best deal for their needs
Promotion.png Promote drivers within the community
When a rider extends and expands their own community of riders, the service providers that they favor will be available to them and can be scheduled for ride
Invoice.png Review ride history
Drivers and riders can review the history of their rides, how much was paid and other details
006-group.png Schedule rides on behalf of customers
Drivers can assist their customers by setting up the ride details on their behalf, thereby making their service more accessible and convenient
Curriculum.png Visually review the ride before making an offer
Drivers can review the details of a ride request from a rider before making an offer
Mapandpin.png Track the progress of the ride
  1. Drivers can track the pickup location of their rider in real time. If the rider has to move from their original pickup location, the app updates the rider so that there are no missed connections
  2. Riders can track their drivers when they are en route during a ride
  3. Driver and riders can send voice messages to one another in-app during the ride to confirm the pickup location and vehicle identification
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