Having someone run your errands

Question.png Can RideConnect be used for delivery, pickup, and errands?
Aha.png Yes

Errands typically involve a pick up and delivery.

For example food picked up from a restaurant and delivered to your GPS location, or a parcel picked up from one place and dropped at a third location, or an item picked up from you and delivered to a destintation.

In all these cases you would not necessarily be traveling.

  • Post a schedule to the RideBoard, setting the time and date and a message describing the errand.
  • Once a driver makes an offers, discuss details and rates on the voice chat.
  • In the notifications screen you will have an option to start the ride.

Unlike a typical ride, such a ride would end when the driver has completed the errand and selects the "Dropped off rider" button in their RideMode.

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