Can I use the app without enabling location access?

The app requires location access to work. This is because it can be used for ride-hailing and for ride scheduling. Without knowing where you are, there's no way for other people to see if you can give them a ride or not. If you are not comfortable sharing your location, consider this.

The app is inherently private. What that means is that the general public cannot see you and you cannot see the General Public.

Literally everybody with whom you can share rides are people that you have to explicitly include into your community.

What this means is that at the very minimum, you are connected to these people through some social network relationship. These people are either directly or indirectly friends or friends of friends or they are connected to you through a Facebook friend who is common.

If you don't want to ride share with some of these people, you can adjust and refine your community by blocking those people with whom you do not want to share.

The app gives you the ability to create a channel, which is the only public mechanism. However, it is not truly public. The way channels work is that you create a channel and it is identified by a code that you select.

Only the people with whom you share the code will be able to join the channel and so it is not anybody in the public, it's only those people with whom you have shared the code, whether it is because you give it to them personally or because you put it on your Twitter. Ultimately though you control who joins your Channel.

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