Frequently Asked Questions

Can I carpool using RideConnect?
The current version of RideConnect does not have a carpool function. However you can schedule back to back rides and achieve the same results.

Please take a look at our socal usage guides for a detailed walkthrough on how to use RideConnect with charity organizations.

Is there a charge to use RideConnect?
RideConnect is a free transportation management platform for transportation service providers. The app is a FREE download from the app store and play store. You do not need to pay to use the RideConnect app.

If you wish to use premium features, a subscription plan is required.

Is there a web version of RideConnect?
RideConnect is only available as a smartphone app for scheduling, hailing and operating transportation services.

How do I delete my profile?
You may delete your profile from your app settings or by contacting customer service from the link below.

What is Customize RideConnect?
You may tune the RideConnect app to be more useful and applicable to your needs by customizing it.

I accidentally deleted my profile. What do I do?
Once you have deleted your profile you will have to create a new profile. A deleted profile cannot be recovered.

Can I schedule rides for my riders?
Yes. As a service provider, you can help your customers who are in your community by scheduling rides on their behalf.

Please take a look at our Guides for rideshare operators and drivers for a detailed walkthrough.

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