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RideConnect Inc.
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RideConnect for iOS and Android updates on the App and Play stores; Is There Hope for Drivers who are stuck in the current ride hailing model?

Dallas, Texas - Jan. 23, 2017 - As the RideConnect smartphone app update becomes available on the Google Play and Apple App store, RideConnect Inc. has commissioned and released the findings of a recent survey of riders showing the surprising ways in which people rideshare - a point illustrated by the fact that 83.1 percent of all users surveyed age 21-34 find the RideConnect platform would be useful in their lives.

To commemorate the launch of the updated RideConnect smartphone platform, RideConnect Inc. is challenging drivers of all types to build customer communities and break out of the restrictive models imposed by the current ride hailing companies.

Although consumers love the convenience of rideshare and ride hail apps, there is growing annoyance and discomfort with the lack of trust in those services, as well as the lack of affordability with surge pricing and high fees. 50 percent of the users we surveyed would rather take their own car over Uber or Lyft due to cost.

News reports indicate numerous examples of bad driver and passenger behavior, yet relatively few have admitted to engaging in such behavior themselves. 89.2 percent of users we surveyed indicated that they would rather have the same driver give them a ride as they'd feel safer.

The RideConnect app offer a different kind of ridesharing experience designed to get users in, out and on with their lives with people they trust. With the RideConnect app, RideConnect Inc. set out to design a rideshare experience that would bring the things people care about most right in the palm of their hands.

In doing so, the RideConnect app combines the user’s social networks - people who they’ve chosen to associate with, with a scheduling Ride Board where they can plan their travel for the day. Drivers can then offer rides when they’re going to a similar destination, or riders can ask for rides, making the overall system private, safer and more fun. In addition, users can simply send out a ride hail to any of the drivers in their community.

You can find more information about RideConnect at, or by contacting Santosh Krishnan at

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