How do I join a rideshare channel?

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Question.png You want to join a ride share group or you want to create one
Aha.png Channels are your public ride sharing group. You can either create one or join a Channel in your area.
Channel search.png
  • You can be a driver or a rider to create a Channel
  • For any ride sharing to work you must have a group of riders and at least one driver

To join a Channel:

  • Search for keywords in the Channel search field (see right).
  • Select a Channel to read it's description.
  • Select Join Channel if you wish to join someone else's Channel.

Channel invite.PNG

The Channel view allows riders to ask for rides from the Channel drivers 'Owners

  1. Grow you channel using the dynamic link invite button in top right (see image on right)
  2. In the settings option (top right icon), you can enable commercial rides options and collect ride history
  3. Describe your Channel rules, rates, service area
  4. Provide a payment link for transactions
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