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How you use RideConnect is really just about your imagination. Download the app now, setup your community and start having more fun by spending less time driving alone.

RideConnect 1.2 (Apollo) Feature Highlights

Smartphone-3.png Hail a ride
Send a ride hail to all drivers in your rideshare channels, or the entire RideConnect ecosystem, who are within a set distance from you
Dollar-bill.png Receive Ride Hails or Make Ride Offers
Receive ride hails from riders in your channels, or from the entire RideConnect ecosystem. Make offers on scheduled rides from the RideBoard. Make money by charging for rides. RideConnect does not charge fees per ride
Calendar.png Schedule a ride
Plan you rides ahead of time by scheduling them with specific drivers, your private community or within your rideshare channel
Team.png My Community
See who's in your rideshare community, block and mute individuals with whom you don't want to rideshare
Money.png Create Private Rideshare Channels
Create rideshare channels for your work colleagues, football league or meetup group or even customers. Keep them separate and rideshare with a purpose
Location.png Ride Tracking
Monitor your ride from the commencement to the pickup on to the drop off
Walkie-talkie.png Walkie-Talkie
Skip phone calls and instead talk to your rider or driver using the built in walkie-talkie during a ride
Security.png Privacy Settings
Choose which drivers or riders can see your scheduled rides or driver availability. Use a username and give yourself an alter ego. Block people in your community from ridesharing with you, or even block their network of ride sharers. Request background checks from drivers to vet them more thoroughly
Handshake.png Billing and Rates
Drivers and Riders can announce what they're willing to pay or charge for a ride on the RideBoard

Download.png Download RideConnect and see how it can benefit you
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