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'''{{#switchtablink: Register|I have finished this step}}'''
'''{{#switchtablink: Register|I have finished this step|Download and Install RideConnect}}'''

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Android rideconnect search.png Ios rideconnect search.png
Android Download iOS Download

Click on the link above to download the app from the Apple App store or the Google Play store.

You may also visit the Apple app store on your iPhone or the Google Play store on your Samsung, Pixel or other Android phone.

Search for RideConnect, which is one word.

Look for an app with the Icon.png icon.

I have finished this step

Whether you are using an iPhone or an Android phone, the registration sequence is the same


Email1.png Contact support via email. Replies within 1 - 4 hours
Chat1.png Chat with us live via Facebook Messenger. Replies within 1 hour
Checklist.png Step by Step checklist to getting started with RideConnect

Download.png Download RideConnect and see how it can benefit you
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