More About RideConnect

What is RideConnect?

RideConnect is a rideshare brokering service that allows you to create your own rideshare and provide transportation service to your customers, co-workers, friends, family or anyone in a private setting. The RideConnect App is used to order a car, setup a rideshare, manage customer communities, create and manage rideshare channels, and schedule rides effortlessly and securely. Unlike Uber, Lyft or any other taxi service, RideConnect lets you set up your own service for your own customers, coworkers, friends, family or anyone you choose.

What about RideConnect Channels?

Currently, the Civic App and Secure Private Login are separate from the Identity Theft Protection service that Civic also offers. If you have an existing Identity Theft Protection account, you will need to re-verify your details to use the Civic App. Learn more about Identity Theft Protection.

What does the RideConnect App do?

The purpose of the Civic App is to give you control of when and where your data is used. The app verifies and stores your personal information securely on your mobile device. Using QR codes or secure links, our partners can request access to specific information, such as your name or date of birth, or details about how Civic has verified you. These requests must always be approved by you, and you can always see exactly what our partners want to know before approving. Using Civic, partners can avoid lengthy verification processes and store less information about you on their systems.

What are the benefits of RideConnect's Private Rideshare model?

When usernames and passwords are recycled across multiple apps, a single data breach can place users and organizations at risk for unauthorized access. Secure Private Login (SPL) from Civic allows users to log in to our partner web and mobile apps without a username or password. By leveraging the blockchain in our architecture, our Secure Private Login feature offers multi-factor authentication with a verified identity, and no need to memorize multiple usernames and strong passwords. Since passwords are no longer required with SPL, password vulnerabilities such as email hijacking and resets are eliminated.

How does RideConnect secure your data?

We use sophisticated end-to-end encryption to secure your personal information on your mobile device. Civic does not keep any sensitive personal data after it’s been verified. Keeping the data on your phone and out of centralized servers makes it very difficult for hackers to gain access to your data, and you increase Civic’s security further by locking down the app with your fingerprint or a passcode. Civic is also designed to reduce the amount of data our partners need to request and store, adding a layer of both privacy and security as less of your data is released from your control.