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Curriculum.png You provide home cleaning and maintenance, yard and grounds keeping services. You need your customers to be able to schedule your time and pay you so that you can maximize your revenue
Checked.png Prerequisites: You carry the insurance and business license necessary

Step 1


Your service employs multiple providers. You, your providers and your customers have all installed RideConnect. You have created a channel for your service and everyone has joined the channel.

When your customers need service, they can schedule it up to 30 days ahead of time and can also schedule it as many times as the service is required. They can also select a specific provider to schedule it with.

You can agree with your providers ahead of time on what is the rate that is to be charged. Accordingly when the scheduled service is due, your provider can offer the service to the customer for the price that you've agreed to. If the customer accepts, then the app routes your provider to the service delivery address, at which time the provider can collect the payment after service delivery.

1 Obtain and setup the RideConnect app on your iPhone or Android device
2 Invite your customers to install RideConnect on their phone
3 Figure out how your want to build your private and public community
4 Setup your community & invite your customers to join it


Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

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