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Curriculum.png You are a doctor's office or clinic and you need to facilitate transportation for your patients to your office for medical treatment
Checked.png Prerequisites: You have the necessary paperwork to operate a medical transportation service and carry the appropriate insurance

Step 1


As a medical professional, you need your patients to come to your clinic to be treated. Alternatively, if you are a doctor who makes house visits, you need an efficient way to manage your appointments.

When you and your patients install RideConnect, and then you build your private community, you are all able to coordinate with one another.

As a medical clinic, you can see when your patients need to come to your clinic and then you can either arrange transportation for them, or if you are a doctor who makes house visits, then you can schedule your visit based on their availability.

Your patients can create a schedule on the RideConnect platform. If you create a channel, then your patients can see one another and can coordinate with one another to ride to your clinic together, if convenient.

When a patient creates a schedule, other patients, and any designated drivers you've included in your community, can see it, as can you. Accordingly, those patients and drivers can coordinate rides to your clinic.

Alternatively, if you are making house visits, you can see the scheduled need that a patient made on the app and can determine who you're going to visit by offering to visit them first, and if you charge, then you can specify what you charge when you make the offer. If they accept your offer, then the app will guide you to their residence.

1 Obtain and setup the RideConnect app on your iPhone or Android device
2 Invite your customers to install RideConnect on their phone
3 Figure out how your want to build your private and public community
4 Setup your community & invite your customers to join it


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