Food Delivery Guide

Curriculum.png You are a restaurant or food truck and you need to take orders from your customers, arrange for delivery of the food and, optionally, collect cash payment from your customers on delivery
Checked.png Prerequisites: You have all your own permits necessary and you have already identified drivers


Your restaurant needs to make food deliveries to your customers in a manner that's representative of the quality of your restaurant and cuisine.

Your customers join your channel. Once there, your customers can view your menu by following the link you've provided in the channel description.

They can then order and schedule the delivery in one shot by providing their order information in the message of the schedule and setting the destination to their home address.

At some time before the delivery is due, the RideConnect app informs you about the order. You can then confirm the order and specify the cash amount due on delivery.

Once the customer accepts your confirmation, the RideConnect app navigates you to the destination for the delivery.

Step 1

1 Obtain and setup the RideConnect app on your iPhone or Android device
2 Invite your customers to install RideConnect on their phone
3 Figure out how your want to build your private and public community
4 Setup your community & invite your customers to join it


Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

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