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Curriculum.png Your entertainment venue wants to facilitate the conveyance of customers to the venue to ease parking and traffic congestion as well as avoid driving while intoxicated
Checked.png Prerequisites: You've brokered a deal with transportation providers to facilitate this arrangement; you have a promoter or representative of your venue or business

Step 1


You've created a Facebook identity for your venue representative. Through this identity, you announce events and other activities. Attendees of the events friend your representative on Facebook.

Everyone involved installs the RideConnect app.

The RideConnect app automatically builds out the community based on the Facebook account that's affiliated with the app on the representative's phone.

Your representative, on their RideConnect app, creates a channel. In that channel, your representative invites drivers from the service providers to join.

Attendees of the event can schedule their pickup and drop off on their RideConnect app with drivers in the channel created by your representative.

Those drivers can offer rides and transport the attendees to and from your event.

You may choose to charge them as you wish, either on your website, at the door or via the app in cash payments only.

1 Obtain and setup the RideConnect app on your iPhone or Android device
2 Invite your customers to install RideConnect on their phone
3 Figure out how your want to build your private and public community
4 Setup your community & invite your customers to join it


Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

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