Elderly Care Guide

Curriculum.png Elderly care facilities use vans to transport their residents to parks, malls and other venues. While at these venues, there are various coordination constraints that makes it difficult to allow the residents to wander freely, and also requires everyone to come and go at the same time. Furthermore, with differing mobility issues, some residents are inconvenienced more than others and may opt to forgo the trips due to this.
Checked.png Prerequisites: All necessary licensure to operate

Step 1


Your facility implements RideConnect and screens drivers to be part of the driver community based on the type of community configuration that you implement. Your residents also install RideConnect on their phones.

When residents need to travel somewhere, they schedule their needs on the RideConnect app. Designated drivers can see this scheduled ride and can make an offer. Payment can be arranged directly with the facility, or with the residents, according to your policies.

When the residents are done with their travel, they can, once again, schedule transportation with the drivers in your community.

1 Obtain and setup the RideConnect app on your iPhone or Android device
2 Invite your customers to install RideConnect on their phone
3 Figure out how your want to build your private and public community
4 Setup your community & invite your customers to join it


Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

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