What can I do with RideConnect?

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  • Hail rides
  • Schedule rides
  • Offer rides
  • Respond to ride hails
  • Create customer communities

RideConnect works by using your phone book and Facebook to construct a network of RideConnect users. All of the people in this network are either directly, or indirectly connected to you, so the security is built in. Once this network has been built, which is instantaneous, you can be a driver, a rider, or both. The app does not assume that you want to give rides, but it doesn't prevent you from doing so. What this means is that you can give rides to friends and family, while getting rides from commercial drivers.

RideConnect lets you schedule your rides ahead of time. It also lets you send ride hails, and receive them.

With the RideConnect Voice Chat, you can send voice messages to drivers and riders so that you can discuss any plans, figure out any details and discuss rates and times of the ride. This information is saved in an archive so that you can retrieve it at any time, or delete it if you so choose.

When you are giving, or taking a ride, RideConnect shows you the route, how long it will take to get there and allows you to use Google or Apple navigation if you are a driver.

Lastly, RideConnect enables drivers to break out of their private community so that they can be available to a bigger group of riders. With "Rideshare Channels", drivers can setup a unique code that they can share. Through this mechanism, RideConnect users can offer rides, ask for rides, receive ride hails, track rides, send voice message, schedule rides and customize their rideshare community within a single app.

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