How do I establish my own clientele?

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Question.png You have started using RideConnect and you want more customers. You want to know how you can increase your customer base
Aha.png Establish your rideshare identity with a properly selected username, photo and channel information.

  • Is it just you who will be providing ride services, or will you have one or more additional drivers? - Accordingly, select usernames that are easy to remember

  • Are you going to be providing ride services privately, or publicly? If privately, then you will have to recruit customers into your private community by marketing to them directly. If publicly, then you will have to create a channel and then share the channel code with prospective customers

  • Are you going to be charging money, or giving rides for free? If you are giving rides for free, then the app that is currently available is complete and ready to use. If you wish to charge money, the app currently does not process any financial transactions
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