Will I be charged when I send voice messages to other users through RideConnect?

Question.png You would like to know if there are any charges that will be incurred when you send voice messages to other RideConnect users
Aha.png The RideConnect application lets you send voice messages to other users in your community.
Voice chat.PNG

This is different from a phone call and from text messaging, and it is safer - no dialing, searching for contacts, or typing.

Voice chat messages are 30 sec long. Break up your messages into short to the point communications,

example - "Please schedule a ride for me to the downtown library. Please bring a wheelchair accessible vehicle".

The voice messages require data connectivity on your phone. You do not get charged by us when you send any messages to other users within the app. Depending on your data plan, your phone service provider may charge you for your data usage.

You can't send text messages or make phone calls to other users from within the app

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