What is the difference between posting a ride on the RideBoard and using the Ride Now button?

RideConnect allows you to announce your need for transportation to your social network. In doing so, you may need to get a ride immediately.

In that case, the Ride Now button allows you to send a request to all drivers in your vicinity.

When you use the Ride Now button, the system attempts to connect you with drivers who are close by. You can change the driver selection to those drivers who are in your favorites, or to a specific person.

When you create a Post on the RideBoard , the viewers of the Post may offer you a ride if they've enabled ride sharing. They can also ask you for a ride to the destination you've specified in the Post if you've enabled ride sharing.

Users may respond to Posts at anytime until the Post is deleted or it expires.

The below table shows the difference between Posts and Ride Now .