Version 1.2 Release Notes

Walkie-talkie.png Voice chat with anyone in your community
With RideConnect voice chats, you can send voice messages within the RideConnect app at no charge to any other user in your community or channel. With voice chats, you don't have to share your phone number and you don't have to rely on phone calls. Now, you can quickly send short voice messages to your ride with directions, instructions and quickly figure out where they are.

It's quicker than a phone call.

002-add-user.png Channel admins can view and manage their members
Manage your channel by seeing who are members and removing people from your channel who shouldn't be there
Smartphone.png Channel admins can enable "commercial features" which allows them to see detailed ride histories for their channel
Are you driving to make money? Enable commercial features for your channel and see ride histories for all the rides you've given
001-bug.png Stability and speed improvements
Entirely rewritten portions of the app to improve stability and reliability. Improved user experience and interaction at various stages and tested with a bigger assortment of phones

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