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You don't have to be a city planner to see that traffic is a growing problem in our cities. And clearly, this is because there are more people, and more cars driving around.

Simply driving less isn't the silver bullet to this problem. The solution lies in changing how we travel, when we travel and with whom we travel.

We looked at statistics and even went out and talked to people about this.

People aren't opposed to ridesharing. We asked 520 people in the ages of 21 - 34 about this and a resounding 50% of them said they currently rideshare.

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So then why is it that more people don't rideshare? We looked a little deeper.

When asked about privacy and safety, we found that 68% of respondents didn't rideshare because of safety and privacy concerns, with 28.4% saying they don't know who the driver is.

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89.2% of our respondents said that when they meet Uber or Lyft drivers that they feel safe with, they'd want to get a ride with them again. This is not possible the way Uber and Lyft currently operate.

The Solution

We are all socially connected. Even though we've grown accustomed to Facebook as the representation of our social network, the truth is that we connect with our closest social contacts via text messaging, WhatsApp, iMessage and often, a phone call.

Not only that, we don't always call our friends when we need something done - more often than not, we call someone in our network who is capable of getting a job done. For example, an accountant, or a plumber - people who aren't friends but are in your social community that you've built.

The truth is anyone we've included into our lives are somehow a part of our social network. Leveraging that network to rideshare would make sense.

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Instead of simply sending out a ride hail to a bunch of strangers, if it's possible to do the same thing to people in your social network, then you'd be able to get transportation from known drivers. This could, arguably, be safer than is currently possible in the ride hailing model.

RideConnect is the only rideshare platform where you, or anyone, can setup their own ride hail or rideshare group, business or network.

Using this platform, people can organize communities of trusted drivers who can then provide them ride services for a fee, or for free. They can negotiate pricing and route, as well as schedules.

We are excited about making RideConnect available for free to everyone.

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