Security Code Help

You've arrived at this screen because you're having trouble with your security code.

If you are not having any issue with your security code, then please hit the back arrow to continue with the registration process.

Purpose of the security code

The security code secures your RideConnect profile.

Your RideConnect profile goes with you from your old device to your new one.

In case you've forgotten the code that you had selected when you first setup the app, you can easily have it reset.

If you've changed your phone number, then you will have to contact RideConnect Support.

How to reset your code

Enter the email address that's been saved into your profile. The reset link will be sent to that mailbox. By clicking on that link within fifteen minutes of having requested it, you will be given a new code.

Don't worry if you had to do something else and it's taken you more than fifteen minutes to get around to it. Simply request another link from within the app and then check your email.

If you've forgotten the email address associated with your profile, then please contact RideConnect Support.

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