Ridesharing for your business

Question.png Corporate employees
Aha.png Ride share to work, free up your time and attention on your daily commute
Icon.png RideConnect lets you set up a ride share for employees, thus saving on parking, helping reduce peak hour traffic, and importantly freeing your attention and time on your drive to and from work.

Set up a Rideshare Channel (see video link below) and invite users at work to sign up. Request your manager or HR to promote your channel coorporation wide over the intranet.

Take turns driving and rotating vehicles on your rides to and from work. May be recruit or hire drivers to service your corporate ride share channel.

Now you can take a nap, day dream, read a paper, or even work on drive to and from work.

How to video for Android and iOS Android_-_Setup_A_Rideshare

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