The RideBoard is the central, social element of RideConnect.

RideBoard details.jpg

Users are able to interact with one another by placing posts on the RideBoard.

There is only one RideBoard on RideConnect. The posts that appear on it are all from your community and Channel. Visibility of posts can be controlled with settings available to the original poster.

The purpose of the RideBoard is to provide a forum where people can announce their ride sharing needs.

If you're going somewhere and are able to give someone a ride, you can announce it (remember to turn on your driver profile). If someone in your community sees it and wishes to travel with you, they may ask you for a ride.

If you need to go somewhere, such as the airport, but don't have a way to get there, you can create a post asking someone for a ride.

The RideBoard is a market place for transportation.