Jan 11th Newsletter Updates

Why should you use RideConnect?


Students can

  • Give rides to friends and other students
  • Create a rideshare group for an organization, club, fraternity or sorority
  • Run errands for their friends
  • Ask friends to run errands for them
  • Commute to and from university by sending a ride hail to other commuters in their rideshare group
  • Organize parties, and share rides to it
  • Plan their rides with their classmates and friends

Employees can

  • Plan their daily commute with their co-workers
  • Send a ride hail to coworkers when they have an emergency and need a ride
  • Schedule tasks that need to get done, by the team
  • Help their co-workers with tasks that they need to get done
  • Organize transportation to happy hour and other team events
  • Engage with their customers to coordinate delivery of merchandise

Families can

  • Identify trusted drivers to include into their rideshare
  • Plan the pickup and dropoff of kids between trusted drivers and other parents in their rideshare
  • Announce neighborhood events, play dates and parties, and then rideshare to them
  • Assist elderly and disabled family members by having them send a ride hail to members of the rideshare group

Commercial drivers can

  • Setup a rideshare into which they can invite customers
  • Provide ride hailing services to their customers
  • Provide scheduled ride services to their customers
  • Negotiate acceptable rates with their customers before the ride
  • Provide value added services such as delivery, running errands or even long distance trips
  • Plan travel times so that customers know when they're available and where they're heading

RideConnect 1.0.2 Is here

We set out to build an app that'll let anyone create their own rideshare.

With such an app, anyone who wants to give rides may do so without having to work for a big rideshare, or taxi company.

Not only that, with RideConnect, you don't have to be like a taxi driver or someone who's giving rides for money. In fact, you can setup rideshares for your family, neighborhood, church, club, university or any group that can use transportation.

Download RideConnect 1.0.2 now and see for yourself, and check out these useful guides at Just.RideConnect.IT/how.

Gift Card Drawing Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winner of the $25 Gift Card promotion that we ran in the last quarter of 2016. The lucky winner will be contacted this week via email to inform them of their selection.

Just because this promo has concluded does not mean there isn't much to look forward to. We will be starting our "Build Your Rideshare" campaign in February, and the grand prize is going to be truly grand. Stay tuned ...

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